5 UFO Videos That Cannot Be Explained!

5 UFO Videos That Cannot Be Explained!


5 UFO Videos That Cannot Be Explained! With so many hoax UFO videos out there on the internet & entire faceless youtube channels pumping out hoax SPAM mashups in hopes for quick money & views. I decided to do some serious looking around for even more credible UFO videos that were caught on video before the home computer. Yes, these videos are very old. That is the point of this video. These UFO videos were recorded before After Effects & Photoshop could easily pump out Hoax UFO videos on a daily basis by almost anyone with basic editing/computer skills. The UFO Films were shot on Film accept the 1984 UFO NY sighting featured in this countdown. These UFO videos cannot be explained off so easily. Perhaps the government doesn’t even want you to look at these videos. These are timeless precious UFO videos that need to be watched by a new generation. I looked everywhere & I managed to come up with 5 UFO Videos that cannot be explained! I left out “The Catilina Island UFO Sighting” because sadly enough, while researching this video, I found credible evidence of that UFO video being clearly debunked. I just could not put it in this list as a UFO video that cannot be unexplained.


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