Best UK UFO Footage Ever Caught Live on BBC News | OVNI UFO’s England

 Best UK UFO Footage Ever Caught Live on BBC News


8 Best UK UFO Footage Ever Caught on Tape. BBC News UFO England. This is the best 8 cases of Credible UFO Footage, some , Captured Unexpectedly during Live broadcasting, on the BBC news channel.

8 – 14/9/2014. A bright orb shape can be seen in the sky, and is captured on tape during a live broadcast. BBC News, Pakistan.

7 – 07/08/2009. during the morning news report. A strange light can be seen. notice the speed of the object, as it passes from the left corner of your screen. Millennium Bridge. Newcastle

6 – 07/04/1998. In This Footage, we look at THE Rod Dickinson UFO sighting in Somerset. South west England. visual and special effects supervisor Bill George, was asked to analyse the authenticity of this footage.

5 – An Orb craft was filmed while watching a BBC news report in an unknown destination. No Facts on this video can be found. Please Comment if you have any information.

4 – 06/08/2008. A mysterious cylinder shaped UFO is spotted in the clear blue sky’s above a holiday camp in Somerset. The object appeared in the sky and remained for more than 10 minutes. This footage was captured on film.

3 – Sept 30, 2014 Hong Kong, China. During a rights protest, a brightly lit object appeared in the sky above the throng, moving slowly at first and then, the UFO suddenly shot up in the air out of sight. BBC News caught it on camera.

2 – 03/08/2000. Piloting a police helicopter,Sergeant John Tickner and Sean mitchel of the Sussex police were investigating suspicious air traffic reports in the night sky above Brighton. The Pilots spot an unusual craft like object, Start Filming, and begin to give chase.

1 – Oct 8, 2014. UFO’s in Essex, England. The sighting was fortunately recorded from the BBC News channel during a live broadcast. Gathering any credible Information regarding this footage is impossible. The original news feed and reports have been removed from the BBC’s archives.


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